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Unlimited calls to India $9.99 a month

Unlimited calls to India $9.99 month -

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  You do not need to have internet connection to make call.
  You don't need a special phone or an adapter.
  This is NOT a VOIP ( Internet Telephony ) service from your home.
  You don't need any special adapter to setup in India.

  No Hidden Fees    
  No surprise bill  
  No Service Binding Contract  
  No Rate hike guarantee for 6 months.  
  Extra Clarity on every call you make.  

The service is very easy to use . It works from your existing home or cell phone line.

In just 2 steps you will connect to India .

  Dial the local number we give you first .
  Then Dial the number in India

That is all you have to do you will be connected with in couple of seconds so be ready to say Hello almost instantly.

When you are calling to your loved ones back home it should not be unpredictable experience every time. When you have a conversation it should be just like you are in the same room and you have a telepathy going on of what is happening.

Unlimited India Calling is offering you a peace of mind and a pleasant experience on all your calls and as a bonus we will also let you speak with out any limits. Lets be real how many calling cards and pin less calling plans and hoops you have jumped to save on your calls to India only to find out that in the end they all are same it cost more money and you get less time. The calling card billing is known for its slippery billing thus giving less minutes. Thanks to super advancement in technology it is easier for calling card provider to hide how they give less minutes.

For years before Independence of India people struggled to win independence and now after decades struggle with calling card usage and high cost of calling India we have arrived to a no brainer flat rate billing per month . Now you don’t have to worry about your India calling bill you will pay same no matter how long you talk. If you normally spend $ 50 to $100 a month in calling India you will save 30 to 40% plus talk twice as long in real terms you will get a $200 worth of calling time for now one flat fee per month.

All you will do is use your land line or cell phone to call your loved ones in India. This special offer is available only to residents in USA and Canada and in Europe.

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For Additional plans for Business and more choice please go to our CALLING PLAN PAGE for all listing.

* Subject to acceptance of terms and condition and a one time initiation fee . Cell phone charges for airtime is not included . Available in select areas and major cities please see coverage.

Call us today to signup at (416) 477-2267


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